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One off consultation please

You've hurt your knee on the weekend running and would like to know why it's sores as well as some advice on how to manage it yourself? We will take a detailed look at what's going on, give you education on the injury, provide physio treatment and give you exercises to self manage. If it's something thats needs investigating further we will send you in the right direction. If you feel a few weeks down the track it still affecting you we will be happy to review the injury.

A plan that works!

You've just had knee surgery and require a structured rehabilitation program to get yourself back to your desired function. There are no set plans but we will work with you to progress you treatment and exercise over a number of weeks at a frequency that is required to get you the best outcome. We will also aim to promote self management as early as possible.

We will figure it out!

Strained your lowerback in the garden on the weekend and not sure if it serious or not? We will take a detailed history and assessment and discuss with you the best treatment required. It may be some simple advice that you can take home or it may be you need a few sessions to get you back to your beloved garden!

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